SUP Shape-Up Fitness Class
Beautiful day for a SUP!

Wow, if you live in Southern Cali I’m sure you enjoyed the weather today! Beautiful 85 degree perfect day! What a great SUP Shape-Up Fitness class day! Glassy water, sunny skies and slight off-shore winds!

If you didn’t get a chance to enjoy a class with us today, check out our Meetup page to see when we will be heading out next!

Also, for those of you in need of a paddle, IIS Paddle Sports will have them hopefully by next week! 

They tend to sell out fast, so call me if you need a paddle!



SUP Shape-Up for Winter Workouts


Even in Southern California winter can cause a backlash of excuses to NOT workout. “It’s too cold”, “it’s too windy”, “I’m tired”, “it’s rainy” and the list goes on and on. Yes it is colder in the winter in Malibu, yes the water can get very cold and yes these are all just big ‘ole excuses to NOT workout. However, winter in Malibu can be one of the BEST times to get in the water and do a SUP Shape-Up, go for a SUP tour or even surf. One of the best benefits of winter is..less people, no crowds, YEA! Also, if you are thinking the cold water is a reason to keep you out of the water and away from a great workout, well..a beautiful sunny winter day will have you working up a sweat on your SUP board and you’ll be wanting to jump into the cold water to cool off.

Also, remember the holiday season is a time you need to workout to keep your stress levels low and your waistline in check.

I will be teaching SUP shape-up classes through the holiday season, as well as SUP tours and surfing. For class times or to schedule a private email:

Here’s wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season.

Aloha ~Shannon

SUP Shape Up Fitness Class is now officially sponsored by IIS Paddle Sports! All of you in classes that have been wanting a great SUP board for fitness, paddling and/or surfing this is THE board shaper! He will custom design one for you, or you can get a standard SUP Shape Up model!

Yes ladies, this is the board I use in class and for surfing. Stay tuned for a future “rent to own” board program when purchasing a full class session!

Aloha ~Shannon

Showing students how to do a standing oblique twist. This is great for your waist!

Showing students how to do a standing oblique twist. This is great for your waist!

SUP fun in the sun tomorrow and the Chili Cook Off


Tomorrow I will be teaching friends how to SUP and doing some fun SUP Shape-Up Fitness Class moves on the beach in Malibu. 

Also looking forward to a Malibu West Beach Club beach day with friends, saying good-bye to summer.

Any Malibuites, I’ll see you at locals night at the Chili Cook-Off tomorrow night.

Anyone interested in SUP Shape-Up Fitness Class, I’ll be teaching an Intro class in Malibu on Sat. morning 9/4/10 @ 8:30am. Details are given if you sign up. Please check out our meetup page for more info:

Off to Westward/Zuma

I’m heading off to beautiful Westward/Zuma for an Intro Zuma Zen class, then a surf after! YEA

Swell is really nice this morning, hopefully it won’t get blown out by the time I get in the water. 

If you are coming to Zuma Zen I’ll see you there! It’s a perfect, beautiful morning for this class!

Aloha ~Shannon

Looking forward to swell

As a surfer I always get excited about a good swell, even though the bigger swell cancels my SUP Shape-Up class. I am looking forward to catching a few head high waves this weekend on my regular surfboard and SUP board also. 

Due to the swell I will be holding a one hour Intro Zuma-Zen class on Monday 8/23/10 @ 9am, class is $10.00 donation, but no one will be turned away. For more information and class location please email, subject: 8/23 Intro Zuma-Zen class.

I will also be paddling out for a surf directly after the class, anyone who wants to paddle out (you must be an experienced surfer, this will not be a lesson or class) with me is welcome!

I will also be posting some Purely Fit quick videos for warming up before SUP and surfing this weekend along with some nutrition tips. Be watching for them!



Gorgeous Latigo Beach this morning!

Gorgeous Latigo Beach this morning!

Beautiful SUP Shape-UP Fitness Class morning

Just returned from teaching a SUP Shape-Up class at beautiful Latigo! What a wonderful, glassy morning with the sun out in Malibu,  FINALLY! YEA!

After the SUP class I stayed to SUP surf with Todd, caught some great waist to shoulder high waves and now after 4 hours in the water my entire body is screaming, OUCH! ;o)

In honor of my workout this morning I thought I would post a really great delt, trap stretch that is excellent to do after your SUP Shape-Up Fitness Class or just SUP surfing.

(no video today, but I’ll begin posting video in the next few days)

Modified down-dog shoulder release: Begin on your hands and knees on the floor, hip and shoulder-width apart. Lift your right arm and reach it under your chest to your left side. Get your shoulder as close to the ground as possible and lower your upper body down toward the floor. You should feel a stretch in your upper-back (traps) and your right shoulder (delt). Repeat on the opposite side. Do a total of four or five complete stretches on each side.

That’s it, pretty simple but very effective.

Please feel free to post any questions about SUP Shape-Up or fitness for me!

Aloha ~Shannon

SUP Shape Up Fitness Classes


Welcome and thanks for checking out the SUP Shape-Up Fitness Class blog! SUP Shape-Up is a fun yet challenging fitness class for beginners through advanced water and fitness enthusiasts. Classes are held on beaches around Malibu, CA. SUP Shape-Up works your entire body from head to toes. The combination of yoga, Pilates, dance and body-sculpting while balancing on the sand and on the stand up paddle board in the water works muscles you never even knew you had! Currently all SUP Shape-Up Intro Classes are absolutely FREE! If you are interested in trying this innovative and unique fitness class join our meetup group at:

Or sign up on the Purely Fit website:

Or check out more info on the SUP Shape Up website:


See you at the beach

Shannon S.